Johnny Relax – by Owen Ragland: Official Music Video

What has Johnny all wound up?

Maybe it’s something that his boss should see.

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The official video for Johnny Relax by Owen Ragland can be found on the Owen Ragland Music YouTube Page.

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You can download or stream Johnny Relax, as well as more music at: The official Owen Ragland Music website.​


This video was directed by Owen Ragland and starred an eclectic cast (in order of appearance in the music video):

  • Frances ‘GirlFran’ Garren as “The Girl”
  • Jelani ‘BaqBeet‘ Buchanan as “Johnny”
  • Wes Grey as “The Ghost”
  • Terry ‘Mad Dog’ Walthall as The Boss

Graphics by Terry ‘Mad Dog’ Walthall​

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Instagram: @owenraglandmusic
Facebook: @owenraglandmusic

Special thanks to Kimberly P. at the Thaxton Building in Saint Louis, Missouri for providing generous use of the space.

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