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Today, we’ll share with you what it means to be as smooth as a secret agent.

What does it mean to be “Secret Agent Smooth?”

You’re about to find out. During the morning routine of checking out the socials, logged into Twitter and caught a Tweet from the homie @noewan(Drop my man’s a follow)

Fun little clip for the kiddos, right?

Confession Time

Before this tweet crossed my feed, I had no idea of what show this AMAZING clip was from. After a couple minutes of very lax research, I came across more information on the show that the remix was inspired by. Turns out, the scene from above comes from The Backyardigans, a computer-animated musical kids show on Nick Jr., created by Janice Burgess. (according to the wiki) In this clip, they happen to be singing about pretending to be “secret agents” in their collective backyard. Let’s face facts, the original composition for this scene is exceptional. But the remix made by K, Le Maestro² is pretty catchy.

What is your favorite kids show remix out right now?

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Have you checked out the track Johnny Relax by Owen Ragland? This is another dope track to check out with a slick music video to match! If not, do yourself a favor.

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