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Why Wednesdays?

Because it’s difficult to find things to look forward to in the middle of the week. And we all are constantly trying to find ways to stay focused on work, school, and/or parenting. For those of you who enjoy watching short clips of dope video game replays, during work or in your spare time, then you’re in for a treat! Here’s a playlist of the most recent and latest videos that has been uploaded to the Wednesdays w/ BaqBeet playlist on the BaqBeet YouTube channel.

Which was your favorite clip?

Do you have any Super Smash Bros. Ultimate clips that you wish to share? Where do you watch the hottest Super Smash Bros. Ultimate clips? There are a few dope channels that specialize in amazing footage submitted by Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fans from all over the world, including Beefy Smash Doods, Yeet Smash and VGBootcamp. In the meantime, BaqBeet’s Nintendo Switch will continue to record matches while BaqBeet figures out which characters to ‘main.’

Which character(s) do YOU ‘main’?

How many secondary characters do you have in your arsenal? Do you compete in local or online tournaments? Who’s your favorite Super Smash Bros. Ultimate competitor of all time? While you think it over, let’s shift gears to another iconic title.

How Good Is Streets Of Rage 4?

To put it simple, the game is FREAKIN’ AMAZING! If you enjoy a challenging side-scrolling-beat-’em-up, then this is DEFINITELY a title that you should check out. Wanna know more? Find out in the January entry of Wednesdays w/ BaqBeet.

Want more video game content?

Then let’s chat about it. Be sure to check us out on YouTube each Wednesday, subscribe and click that bell for the newest content!

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