What’s The Deal With February?

You are about to find out, real quick.

What’s so great about this video?

Besides the dead pan delivery and the serious demeanor, the point of view becomes more indisputable as the video carries on. By the end, I am fully convinced that there is no hope for the month of February..

“February is the WORST month of the year…

…but, it’s an HONEST month.” or whatever THAT means.

In this video, this dude Kevin Killeen, a reporter at KMOX 1120 in Saint Louis, Missouri, is just RAILING the month of February. After the first search for Kevin Killeen on Google, I came across this New York Post article that goes into much more detail as to why this video has “gone viral.” The reason I am bringing this video up now is because posting this video to my social media pages has become a February tradition of mine. Just wanted to share the glory and fun!

What is your favorite month?

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