Zackray Highlights Make Me Want To Pick Up Pit

There is very little that I enjoy as much as watching a great highlight reel of amazing clips from matches of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. With this in mind, here’s a doozy…

video courtesy of Shinta Smash on YouTube

In My Experience with Super Smash Bros…

Pit has not been a character that has been on my radar. Not for any particular reason. But now that I think about it, none of the folks that I play the game with have really picked up the character. And since the debut of Dark Pit in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, my interest in picking up the character has been further fractured. This is at least until I started to play outside of my comfort zone to get better at the game and keep up with the meta of the franchise.

Now, I think I need to pick up a new character..

YouTube Video Description

Pit’s an honest, well balanced character. Except in the hands of Zackray, Pit becomes deadly. Check out the sick combos, edgeguards and insane Losers Run from Zackray’s Solo Pit at Kagaribi 9 highlights”

*Kagaribi 9 is a Super Smash Bros Tournament in Tokyo, Japan.*

Why Watching Highlight Videos Improves Your Gameplay

There are various reasons that reviewing highlight videos will make you a better Super Smash Bros. player. But among many, the main reason is to learn about how top level competitors are changing the meta of the game by taking characters through brackets and making a statement based on their performance. This give you ample opportunities to pick up new tech, gain new mixup options and be able to avoid being completely overtaken by an opponent.

If you ever have trouble finding videos online to study and “Beef” up your gameplay, let me give you my top 3 recommendations for YouTube channels to check out:

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